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Start a Great Fantasy Series . . .

The Healer's Legacy

Sharon Skinner
The Healer's Trilogy, book one

Orphaned by war, haunted by unknown origins, and chased by a warlord and his army of brutal soldiers. Kira is a young woman with a secret.

The Last Incarnation

J.A. Giunta
The Ascension, book one

A world's last hope to survive the plans of an evil god is an orphan raised by elves, his importance hidden from him until fate chooses differently.

Platinum Magic

Bruce Davis
Magic Law, book one

King’s Agents raid a suburban farmhouse, instead of Orc terrorists. they kill the sister of the current Elf ruler, turning a straight forward police raid into an international incident.

Or maybe something Science Fiction?

Mariner's Wake

Adam Marsh

This oceangoing SF/technothriller pits Mariner Kara in a race against time, powerful corporate mercenaries and hardened criminals to save those she loves.

LeTour de Paris

Sharon Skinner/Bob Nelson

Tavara and Johnathan must pursue a faceless enemy across an ocean in order to stop the owners of the Black Airship before they ignite a war that will engulf the world.

Supernal Dawn

J.A. Giunta/Sharon Skinner

The discovery of alien artifacts across the world brought humanity together. Activating the pillars threatened to tear the world apart.

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More? Of Course There Are

War Golem

J.A. Giunta

Goblins bind what they think is an evil spirit to their iron war golem creation to conquer the world of Taelus.
They wanted a video game character.
They got a teenage griefer.

Warning: Strong Language

The Experiment Known as Rose Marie Hernandez Wiliamson

Louise Robertson

Rose Marie is the first person born in space, grew to a teenager in space, and may just die in space before ever seeing the Earth she's never known.

The Nelig Stones

Sharon Skinner

Follow Stefani and Robbie on the adventure of a lifetime as they are the center of a story about growing up and owning up, with a heaping helping of dangerous magic thrown in for good measure.