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Start a Great Fantasy Series . . .

War Golem

Goblins bind what they think is an evil spirit to their iron war golem creation to conquer the world of Taelus.
They wanted a video game character.
They got a teenage griefer.

Warning: Strong Language

Platinum Magic

When King’s Agents Simon Buckley and Haldron Stonebender raid a suburban farmhouse, they expect to find an illegal bomb factory full of Orc terrorists. Instead, they end up killing the sister of the current Elf ruler, turning a straightforward police raid into an international incident.

The Healer's Legacy

Orphaned by war, haunted by unknown origins, and chased by a warlord and his army of brutal soldiers. Kira is a young woman with a secret.

Or maybe something Science Fiction?

Futurewords: I

A collection of great sci-fi and fantasy shorts from Brick Cave authors.

Supernal Dawn

Alien artifacts activate to mutate certain humans into supers- and no one is ready, even them.

Tavara Tinker

Step into the steampunk alternate history series that moves with action from page one.

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